There was a day, not too long ago, when it was expected that Enterprise applications would be difficult to use and difficult to understand. It was thought that any business application didn't need design: it was business and those forced to use the application would learn how to use it. Design was an unnecessary expense and waste of time.

Fortunately, that attitude is diminishing.

Granted Enterprise applications can be complicated, but there is no reason why familiar paradigms from Consumer e-commerce and information retrieval can't be used.

With Walmart, I designed new screens for an internal tool, the Merchants' Application. More information along with my work on the consumer presence.

Seagate was a hybrid consumer and enterprise site, designed for an internationalized content management system. While the consumer portion focused on elevating brand awareness by articulating the utility of Seagate products, the enterprise portion centered on the complex return and support processes for the business customers. Examples of the consumer website here.

For NetApp, I redesigned the information architecture and taxonomy of their partner support site basing design decisions on extensive research on business objectives, users' needs and aligning business objectives to user needs.

For RREEF I co designed a document management system to handle a complex lease creation and review process, leading to streamlined operations and more efficient processing of leases.

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