Nimbus was a cross device consumer photo sharing service, designed to leverage HP's Palm hand held devices and ownership of laptop desktops. Focusing on photos initially, due to the growth of the digital photo market, the product was to extend to documents and to a small business application.

The product consisted of a desktop application, a cloud service, and mobile application on Palm, iOS and Android. Working with a cross functional team, I led the user experience effort in designing the entire customer experience, flows/wires for the cloud (web) site, the mobile application and managed the development of the visual design.

Analysis of the competitive landscape and several rounds of user research and user testing brought forward key learnings on:

  • mobile phone use
  • digital photo use
  • frustrations with photo retrieval
  • demographic differences between those born before and after 1990
  • Crucial concepts such as privacy and deletion (in a cloud service, if you delete a photo on your web site, what do you expect will be deleted?)

©2012 Mary Lukanuski